Pakistani Muslim Arrested At Texas Border


And it’s only going to get worse! Obama has handcuffed the Border Patrol so much, it’s a wonder they even caught this Muslim illegal!

Customs and Border Protection agents arrested an illegal immigrant from Pakistan along the Texas border with Mexico, the agency recently revealed.

On May 8, CBP picked up Javaid Muhammad who allegedly admitted to illegally crossing into the US, according to court records filed in McAllen, Texas.

After Muhammad recounted his story to CBP, he provided a different account to the FBI on May 12, leading agents to believe both stories were false.

Muhammad had told the FBI he came from Pakistan and had never been to Chile or Ecuador, but agents presented him with an Ecuadorian passport and photos which showed a Chilean residence, at which point the man admitted to lying to CBP officials.

“The FBI was in possession of records consisting of photographs and travel records, as well as written accounts from other government agencies, which show that the statements Muhammad made during his interviews by the USBP and the FBI were materially false, fictitious or fraudulent,” a criminal complaint against him reads.

“Muhammad admitted the statement he provided to the USBP was false, and also admitted to lying to the FBI during his interview,” the complaint states.

The man is now also charged with lying to federal agents, reports

Last October the Texas Department of Public Safety director warned that border agents were capturing individuals from countries known to have a terrorism presence.

“…Individuals that come across the Texas/Mexican border from countries with a known terrorism presence and the answer to that is yes,” DPS Director Steven McCraw stated.

Oh, there’s possible terrorists coming across the border? We’ve known that was happening for awhile, and this administration will do nothing about it. Don’t want to upset Obama’s Muslim friends.

“We have individuals that we’ve needed to debrief in Pashto/Dari,” McCraw said at an annual Texas Border Coalition conference, referring to two languages spoken in Afghanistan. “Not a lot of Pashto and Dari speakers around.”

“But you can’t think about the last attack; you have to think of the next attack and where our vulnerabilities are,” the director added. “So, we’re concerned about that.”

Read the US complaint against Javaid Muhammad’s below:

Court Documents for Pakistani Illegal Alien in Texas by BobPriceTX


Time to setup a civilian border force until we get a president who isn’t undermining the Border Patrol. Obama’s “radical transformation” of America will continue until his very last day in office. We need to be louder & more active than ever, opposing his every anti-American move.


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