Sarah Palin Reveals Her Position In Trump Administration And Has Powerful Message For Hillary

What does it mean to be a strong woman? For how often the Left champions the cause of feminism, they seem to know surprisingly little about actual empowerment. They seem to think that convincing women that they’re in a perpetual state of victim-hood and that only the government is capable of saving them is somehow empowering? Please.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, there were countless people who voted her for the sole reason that she’s a woman. Is there any way to make someone’s achievements (which, in all fairness, are pretty disastrous in the case of Hillary Clinton, but that’s a story for a whole other article) any less relevant than by ignoring them and only focusing on someone’s genitalia?

In an interview with Breitbart, Sarah Palin is slamming liberals with that mentality. ““What they have created, unfortunately, is this message to little girls, young women, that they need Big Daddy Government to provide for them, that they’re incapable of providing for themselves, being independent, and pulling themselves up from the bootstraps and making it,” she stated. “That’s so unfortunate, and it’s the antithesis, really, of feminism and understanding equal rights. It’s just such a ruse. And yeah, Hillary’s been a part of that,” she continued.

Then she spoke about a possible role within the Trump administration.

As Conservative 101 reported:

She was asked how she would be involved in Trump’s presidency. “I told Mr. Trump early, early on that I’m a believer that you don’t need a title, and you don’t need an office to make a difference,” she started.

“I’m sincere. I told him that, and maybe he’s taking it absolutely literally, and I’m not offered a post – which, however it goes, is fine with me. I just voted for him to be the leader of the free world, our President, so I trust him to build a team that works for him,” said Palin. Although she won’t be a part of his team she will be a huge fan, friend and supporter.

Listen below:


What do you think she’d be picked for? Back at the end of November, she said publicly expressed interest in becoming the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Trump administration. Right now, however, Fox News’ Pete appears to be the man that’ll be chosen for that position.

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