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Thugs who assault paralyzed Marine has happy ending

We originally broke this heartbreaking story to you last week and after I spoke to Abbott I realized this story needed to get out there in order for people to see what these thugs had done.  However, it took a turn for the better when people from all over the world responded and stepped up to make this story right.

After spending fourteen years as a Marine Corps recon scout sniper, Abbott’s body got pretty banged up. When he got out of the service he needed back surgery. But during that surgery his spinal cord ended up getting accidentally severed, leaving him paralyzed.

But Abbott turned his tragedy into a triumph, opening a surf camp for kids with disabilities. After all, he was able to get back into the water himself because of specially designed surfboards. Surfboards that ended up getting stolen Monday night after two thugs assaulted Abbott, leaving him with cuts and scrapes after they threw him out of his wheelchair.

“One guy was cutting the straps and I said ‘Hey, I’m paralyzed, don’t steal my surfboards!’” said Abbott. “And then the other guy came at me and took a swing at me, and I took a swing at him. He missed, and I connected. I caught him with a pretty good uppercut.”

“The guy that was cutting the straps had come around behind me, and threw me out of my wheelchair, and then kicked my wheelchair and it rolled probably 50 feet down the parking lot. Then they threw my surfboards in the back of their (Toyota) 4Runner and took off.”

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Abbot has setup a GoFundMe campaign to help replace the surfboards and has already raised $3,421 which has surpassed his goal of $1,200.

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