Parents Of Idaho Girl Gang Raped By Refugees Just Got a HORRID New Surprise In Court

This is sick!

Last June, the horrifying story of a 5-year-old little girl from Idaho Falls being gang raped by Muslim refugees shook the nation. The Muslim pieces of filth not only took turns raping the girl and urinating in her mouth, but then video-ed the attack, later taking the footage back to their father who celebrated the attack and thought it was funny. Now the parents of the child are speaking out about the incident, revealing a startling new detail about what happened that day that will absolutely infuriate you.

Since the savage attack on their child that occurred 10 months ago at the hands of this Muslim filth, Lacy Peterson and her husband have been living in absolute hell, as local authorities have continued to try to bury the story and downplay the events that occurred. Many liberal news outlets simply said the story was “fake news,” with lead “fact-checker” Snopes at the helm of the cover-up, saying that the rape never even occurred, despite there being endless evidence to say otherwise. But now new allegations against the Muslim rapists are beginning to emerge, and what just came out in preparation for trial will make you absolutely sick to your stomach.

Breitbart reports that in addition to the males taking turns urinating in the little girl’s mouth, they also penetrated her anally and orally, after many news outlets tried to claim that they had only peed on her. But it gets even more sick from there.

You would think that for this traumatized 5-year-old little girl, that justice would be swift, and that these nasty Muslims would never see the light of day again. But now liberals in the community are siding with the Muslim refugees, completely ignoring the plight of this child whose life will be forever changed after what she endured in the laundry room of her apartment building that day. In their brazen continual efforts to get Americans to embrace the idea of allowing more Muslim “refugees” to invade America, the liberal media is actively assisting in the mayor’s attempt to white-wash the incident, with councilman Chris Talkington labeling outraged citizens in Twin Falls as “white supremacists” for not wanting to take in anymore of these vermin into their community.

Even more startling is that local liberals are now holding up signs to welcome even more Muslim refugees into their city, completely callous to the disgusting gang rape that happened to the 5-year-old who lives in their town.

Liberal moron activists hold up signs welcoming more refugees…giving zero craps about the little girl who was raped by them

The mayor of Twin Falls, Shawn Barigar, has not only been paramount in stone-walling the investigation, but even defended the rapists, giving residents at a council meeting a stern warning not to “spread false information” about the rape, even though he’s fully aware that it occurred.

The mayor of Twin Falls, Shawn Barigar

“We he been treated horribly,” the outraged mother stated. “The way I feel, our case is being pushed under the rug and soon it will be forgotten. Since June, we moved into a house that we can hardly even afford We were totally fine in apartments until now.”

Lacy Peterson, and her little girl who was gang raped by Muslim refugees

The case is set to begin March 27th, and the New York Times is already on their way to Twin Falls so they can cover the trial and twist the facts of the case to fit their disgusting pro-Muslim and pro-refugee narrative. No doubt they’ll be hardcore spinning this case as a way to protect their fight against Trump’s migrant ban, which is beginning to make more and more sense with each passing day, thanks to the continued depraved antics of the immigrants and refugees who are making a beeline to America so they can infiltrate it with their 6th century religion.

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