(Mad World News) Parents of students attending the Mapleton Junior High School are nothing short of outraged after it seems that a health teacher tried to pull a fast one. According to reports, the teacher handed out a form and directed students to go home, raid the family’s medicine cabinet and report back to her with their findings.

The public was made aware of the assignment by parent Onika Nugent, who posted it to social media and sent a note to both the teacher and principal. Sharing a portion of the letter written to the school, Nugent relayed, “Although it may be a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their medicine cabinet, I believe it is inappropriate for students to counsel their parents, or report to the school what that inventory is. It is a complete invasion of privacy.”

Many parents quickly became worried as news of the incident spread, thinking it was part of a larger Common Core plan. Thinking this was just the beginning of what was to come, those parent’s minds were put to ease as the school stated the acts were that of the teacher, not the curriculum.

Parents OUTRAGED After Teacher Invades Privacy With Homework Assignment

Communication specialist for Nebo School District, Lana Hiskey, further relayed that they actually appreciate when parents come to them with information of this sort. Saying they’re not always aware of everything that goes on, she goes on to say, “Sometimes we’re blindsided, we don’t know if a teacher is giving something out that they shouldn’t be doing and so we absolutely want parents to come forward, let us know…. I wouldn’t be comfortable having my own children go through my medicine cabinet.”

Given the increasing infringements on rights to privacy in the name of “security,” hearing news like this really isn’t all that shocking. Would you think this to be part of a larger plan if it happened to your child? Should the school be held accountable for the actions of this teacher? Let us know in the comments.

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