Parents of students at a Virginia elementary school were outraged when they saw the name “Jihad” used in a math problem on a recent test, claiming campus administrators were systematically desensitizing young students in preparation for ongoing pro-Islam education.

Principal Chip Joseph of Beaverdam Elementary School received droves of complaints and eventually made the decision to pull the question from all future exams, area news sourceTimes Dispatch reported.

Joseph reasoned use of the name by explaining that the question had allegedly been created years ago by a separate teacher, before it became widely known as a term associated with radical Islamic terrorism. In this case, “Jihad” was used as a name on the test — among several non-offensive names — in a word problem for students to solve, and as Joseph explained, was in no way intended to promote Islam or terrorism.

Virginia resident and conservative blogger Tom White brought attention to the inappropriate use of the word on his website Virginia Right, concerning many parents in the state, who claimed it was more intentional than accidental, a sentiment White agreed with.

“This is nothing more than desensitization training to prepare the young minds for the ongoing pro-Islam education that is now being taught in Hanover schools,” wrote White in his report.Parents OUTRAGED That U.S. School Normalized 'Jihad' In Subtle Way [PHOTO]

Hanover resident Dale Taylor took the issue to a recent school board meeting, where he handed out copies of the question for people to read as proof of what the children had been exposed to. He argued that using the word as a character’s name was wholly inappropriate, considering the word itself is synonymous with radical Islam and refers to a “holy war” against those who aren’t Muslim.

“I believe this is a very subtle desensitization of impressionable young minds,” Taylor said.

Upon removing the question from the quiz, not just for the school, but from the source pool any other educator in the state would pull from, Principal Joseph issued a sobering explanation of its existence to White after the wide-spread criticism.

“I have found that the math problem in question was, indeed, a problem that had been cut and pasted from a bank of questions that had been created by various teachers in the county,” Joseph wrote in an email statement to White. “As is often the case, teachers use student names when creating questions and the name ‘Jihad’ was the actual name of a former Hanover student. Since the name was embedded in a chart, I am sure the teacher did not catch it as she would be focusing on the quality of the problem itself. Once this was brought to our attention, the name was removed from the problem not only in our building but on the bank of questions so that this would not occur again in any other building in Hanover.”

Whether this was accidental or intentional, in the least it’s concerning that teachers didn’t pay close enough attention to the materials being issued to impressionable students and that this term didn’t jump off the page at them.

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