Paris ISIS Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here’s The List


From Mad World: The prime suspects list from the attack has surfaced. Here, you can see what real scum looks like. Now that they’ve been identified, what’s next for the surviving suspects?

Surely, you’re aware of the mass attack which took place in Paris on last Friday, November 13, 2015. At present, 132 people are said to have been killed in the shootings and bombings with hundreds more injured. While the surviving suspects are on the run, French authorities are on the search. Yet, according to 11 ALIVE – News, they’ve now been identified.

The news source mentions that there were seven prime suspects, two of which are still alive and not in custody. Here’s the list.

  1. Abdelhamid Abaaoud — He’s a 27-year-old Belgian national and is the suspected mastermind behind the Paris attacks. A French radio station, RTL, labeled him as one of the most active executioners among the ISIS extremists in Syria. Earlier this year, he was also suspected in planning an attack on a high-speed train which left Amsterdam, Netherlands and was headed to Paris.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Abdelhamid Abaaoud

    Abdelhamid Abaaoud – Suspected Mastermind Behind Paris Attacks

  2. Salah Abdeslam — Abdeslam is the 26-year-old brother of one of the deceased attackers. He was born in Belgium as well. As the search continues, European authorities are still looking for this individual.
  3. Samy Amimour — Twenty-year-old Samy was allegedly one of various suicide bombers during the Paris attacks. Specifically, he was the one at the Bataclan Music Hall. Amimour had been off the radar for years. However, he was suspectedly charged in a terrorism investigation in 2012. After that, the French national didn’t appear anywhere until last Friday.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Samy Amimour

    Samy Amimour – One of various suspected suicide bombers responsible for explosions during the Paris attacks.

  4. Ahmad Al Mohammad — Ahmad, 25, was also a bomber during the attacks. His fingerprints were found at the scene — specifically, the Paris national stadium. He was responsible for one of the various explosions patrons heard during the soccer match between France and Germany. As 11 ALIVE reports, he was found with a Syrian passport on his person.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Ahmad Al Mohammad

    Ahmad Al Mohammad is another of the suspected suicide bombers.

  5. Bilal Hadfi — Bilal is allegedly another suicide bomber. At 20 years of age, Bilal was described as a young man with a baby face. His explosive acts were also conducted outside the national stadium, and he was also in Belgium but was previously tied with Syrian ISIS connections.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Bilal Hadfi

    Bilal Hadfi’s extremist ties date back several years.

  6. Omar Ismail Mostefai — Identified as another bomber, he was only recognized when part of his finger was found at the Bataclan Concert Hall, according to authorities. As a 29-year-old French national, he was noted in 2014 as having extremist ties to the Islamic state five years prior. A Turkish official mentioned that French authorities were warned about Mostefai in 2014. However, the warning was seemingly ignored, as the Turkish officials never received a response.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Omar Ismail Mostefai

    There were no identifiably confirmed photos for Omar Ismail Mostefai available.

  7. Brahim Abdeslam — This suspect is the only identified member in his 30’s. As you saw in the many videos that have surfaced, the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant and its customers suffered from an explosion. Brahim was allegedly responsible for that. There were reportedly attackers with AK-47 rifles inside Abdeslam’s rented vehicle, and those assault weapons were found. Relevantly, he was Salah Abdeslam’s brother.
    Paris Attack Suspects Finally Identified, And Here's The List - Brahim Abdeslam

    Brahim Abdeslam was another bomber in the Paris attacks.

Authorities mentioned that they found another suspect. However, after detainment, he was released in Belgium.

Although Muslim extremists are brainwashed to the fullest extent, you have to wonder what goes through a person’s mind when committing such violent, atrocious acts. What kind of person do you have to be to totally ignore the cries of innocent people in pain — pain that you’ve inflected on them as well as on their families? How could these people possibly think they’d be “rewarded in heaven” after killing innocent children?

As Muslims and their sympathizers would tell it, we all worship the same “God.” Yet, according to the Bible, God says that His thoughts aren’t the same as our thoughts. While that’s so, we probably have the same thoughts about the aforementioned question. Who’s going to heaven for killing the innocent?

The Christian God says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” So, they’re killing innocent people, specifically innocent children, and still think they are worshiping the same God? Really, what kind of reward do you think you’d receive for that? It’s utterly illogical to even think of such a concept, let alone believe it.

Paris needs help with its terrorist issue. However, as it seems, the rest of the world does also. ISIS representatives have given statements saying that other major cities will be targets next. So, we all need to stand together and vigilant against this tyranny that plagues this current world.

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