Passengers tackle Muslim mid-flight yelling ‘jihad, jihad,’ threatened to hijack plane from DC


(BizPac) A deranged passenger caused a midair drama aboard a United Airlines flight to Denver when he tried to storm the jetliners’ cockpit  screaming “jihad, jihad” before his fellow passengers wrestled him to the floor.

The Boeing 737 returned to Dulles Airport after the incident, which took place about 12:25 a.m. and left the would-be hijacker with a bloody face, but apparently caused no other injuries, according to the Daily Mail.

He was recorded being taken into custody by another passenger. All the fight is out of him and he’s trying to apologize.

No weapons were found.

Passenger Donna Tellam told ABC News two men on board acted quickly to halt the menace.

“One held his feet and the other one kind of laid on top of him and then the flight attendants went and got some plastic restraints for his arms,” she said. “At one point when his head was down he said there were jihadists in the cargo hold and he did say jihad a couple times.”

The man was taken to a Washington hospital for observation.

—Courtesy of BizPac Review

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