Regarding the case of Officer Darren Wilson, there are few public figures or leaders who are publicly voicing what both President Obama and the looters need to hear. Minister Jonathon Gentry, a black man from California, did just that yesterday.

On his Facebook page, he spoke to the protesters as the ridiculously disrespectful people they’ve proven themselves to be. Believing their actions are ridiculous and uncalled for, Gentry hits the nail on the head when he said:


Gentry has been vocal with his thoughts about the rioting in Ferguson since it all began. The following video was posted on YouTube in August when the Ferguson insanity initially ensued:

Our country has finally reached a critically low-level when people, including the President, disregard what is considered to be socially and lawfully acceptable. Rioting to ‘honor’ Michael Brown and deliberately vandalizing the town of Ferguson is absolutely abominable and directly against the initial wishes of his family.

Thankfully, this Minister had the guts to do what the President is too afraid to do for his own selfish political reasons. Let us know in the comments if you think Gentry is right.

Whats not to love about this guy? How about this epic dish out to First Lady Michelle Obama in response to her offering fried chicken to everyone if they won the mid terms… he must be racist!


Courtesy of Mad World News

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