PATHETIC! AG Lynch Told Comey To HIDE Hillary Investigation From Americans!

It’s ironic that Hillary Clinton can blast Donald Trump for stating that the election is rigged as a “threat to democracy,” when everyday we see new evidence of rigging in process.

Of course, we’ve known that the election was rigged for quite a while – starting from the Democrat primary, which was rigged against Bernie Sanders. Among the Podesta emails leaked, we learned that a strategy of the Clinton camp was to publicize rigged polls, to give the impression that a Hillary victory was inevitable (hoping it would dissuade Republicans from bothering to go to the poll).

And that’s not all. The entire establishment (including the media) is in the tank for Hillary, and that’s not questionable. Isn’t that a form of rigging within itself?

Perhaps the most shocking is that our own Attorney General tried to keep the news that the FBI was reopening their investigation into Hillary’s private email server. As The Right Scoop reported:

According to reports this morning, Obama’s Attorney General told Director Comey that he should not inform Congress about the new investigation into Hillary’s email scandal because of new information from the Weiner device.

As we all remember, Loretta Lynch had a private meeting at an airport in Arizona will Bill Clinton about a week before the FBI decided against recommending charges against Hillary Clinton. It’s thanks for a journalist who got lucky that we even know about the meeting, which was initially played off as unplanned.

It later turned out that the meeting had been planned – and went on for a half hour. Think they were just talking about their grandkids for a half hour? I doubt it.

The system is rigged – and the only reason Hillary Clinton denies it, is because she doesn’t want you to know.

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