PATHETIC PROFESSORS: Group of Professors Support American Flag Ban (VIDEO)


Banning the American flag. I’m Todd Starnes. and that is the subject of today’s “Dispatch.”

Last week, the student government association at the University of California Irvine banned the American flag from a campus lobby. They said Old Glory had to come down for the sake of cultural inclusivity. The students blathered on about how “The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.”

I know, folks. I know it’s California. But this is beyond bizarre even for the yoga and granola crowd. quoted a student who says they feared the flag might hurt the feelings of illegals.

Well, boo-hoo!

After I exposed these un-American knuckleheads, all you-know-what broke out, and over the weekend, the flag ban was reversed.

But there are now a group of California professors have decided to  side with the America-haters. Campus Reform reports exclusively that as many as 60 professors – some from UC Irvine – have signed a letter supporting the flag ban. They say – and I quote – that, “US nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia.”

How these professors can sleep at night knowing their salaries are paid for by a bunch of xenophobic racists is beyond me.

Meanwhile, a group of Californian lawmakers is working on a bill that that would prohibit publicly-funded universities from banning the American flag. Here’s how it should work: You ban the flag, we ban your student loans — and then we send you back to whatever god-forsaken Third World country you came from.

As that great American patriot, Merle Haggard, once said so eloquently, “If you don’t love it — leave it.”

—Courtesy of Clash Daily

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