PATHETIC! White Woman Walks Around Chicago Apologizing To Black People

A woman in Chicago walked around with a sign on her back that apologized to black Americans. I saw this and laughed out loud. Here’s a case of my famous saying that states “stop being a loser” and she’s the perfect example.

Let’s dive into the hilarious bits of this picture. And don’t stop reading if it gets too unruly for you, just bear with me as I destroy this nutcase of a woman.

And now let’s destroy this absolutely stupid moment in history, because that’s exactly what this is, and nothing else. Of course, a leftist would call this proud, but I call it attention seeking loser behavior.

black america sorry

  1. She wasn’t hugged enough as a child. She feels the need to step outside in Chicago, one of the most murderous cities in America, and carry this obnoxious sign. She’s lucky she didn’t get shot for looking this stupid. If she had enough hugs as a child, she wouldn’t feel the need to gather herself mass amounts of attention. She knew a white woman waltzing around Chicago with the only sign not begging for homeless change would go viral.
  2. How do we know this is a woman? The back of this person’s head looks just like mine. The only difference is that my head contains a fabulous brain and hers hosts an attention seeking rock with a innate ability to wear the ugliest shorts on earth.
  3. If this is a woman, then I predict it’s a feminist or a butch lesbian. Or, it’s an older woman. No attractive female struts around in those shorts. No one.
  4. Sorry for what? Is this woman a racist? Did she kill someone? Is she apologizing for some hidden secret crime she committed years ago? Who is she apologizing for? Not me. Not white people.

You know why she doesn’t speak for white people, because white people and black people aren’t the problem and they don’t need to apologize to each other. We’re all human, just a different color.

The real problem is the mainstream media who feeds us jibberish laced with racism, and unfortunately some of us fall for it.

Some of us don’t fall for the riotous murder inducing propaganda

People who don’t fall for the hyped up fake racism on the mainstream are called winners. I’m a winner. If you fall for the “omg everything is racist now” nonsense, then you’re a loser.

Stop being a loser.

Stop apologizing for things you didn’t do.

Start being a winner.

Read more of my news commentary on Freedom Daily and Trending Views. There’s only two genders.

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