Washington, D.C. – In response to president Obama’s Amnesty announcement, patriots Blaine Cooper and Sgt. Manny E. Vega, among many others, converged on the People’s White House to make use of their First Amendment rights to voice their dissent. Not surprisingly, the harassment and intimidation by the government and law enforcement began almost immediately. It started with Blaine Cooper by the TSA as he attempted to fly out of Phoenix, Sky Harbor airport to get to D.C. on Thursday.

Blaine Cooper is MAJOR Target of TSA While En Route to D.C. Amnesty Protest

Cooper has a reputation for being an outspoken patriot that doesn’t mind stirring the pot on occasion. You might remember him best from his speaking to John McCain at a town-hall meeting and telling the Senator he should be arrested and tried for treason. Then there was the bacon-rubbing, Quran-burning video that went viral; his involvement in protecting the Bundy family during that debacle; as well as joining the Arizona Border Recon (ABR) group in helping patrol the Arizona/Mexican border for illegals trying to cross over.

It’s no wonder that when he got to the ticket counter at Sky Harbor, he was met with some “obstacles.” Apparently, his name is on the Secondary Security Screening Selectee (SSSS) list. Which according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a subset of the terrorist watch list.

Blaine Cooper is MAJOR Target of TSA While En Route to D.C. Amnesty ProtestWhat is the terrorist watchlist?
The terrorist watchlist is maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), which is administered by the FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, in cooperation with the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, State and Treasury, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies nominate individuals for the watchlist based on established criteria.

Two subsets of the terrorist watchlist are the “No Fly” list and “Selectee” list:

  • The “No Fly” list includes individuals who are prohibited from boarding an aircraft. You are NOT on the No Fly list if you receive a boarding pass.
  • The “Selectee” list includes individuals who must undergo additional security screening before being permitted to board an aircraft.

One of the ways TSA secures transportation systems is screening airline passengers against the No Fly and Selectee lists.

This is proof that something as benign as being a loud and proud American citizen who will take a stand to defend our homeland and its citizens, will get you put on a terrorist watch list.

Blaine Cooper is MAJOR Target of TSA While En Route to D.C. Amnesty Protest

According to Mr. Cooper, not only did it take him 45 minutes and several phone calls to superiors by the ticketing agent in order to be issued his boarding passes, he was also treated to a double run through the full body X-ray machine, an explosive chemical screening, and two rather ‘intimate’ pat-downs.

He says his belongings were searched multiple times and he was flanked by no less than 15 TSA agents all the way to his gate. Blaine was, however, in good humor over the incident, even cracking a couple of clever jokes when he spoke about his experience. So, to the powers that be, consider him not intimidated as is obvious in this photo with an amused, albeit exhausted, look on his face.

Blaine Cooper is MAJOR Target of TSA While En Route to D.C. Amnesty Protest

It’s a darn shame that the DHS wastes time and resources on targeting people like Blaine Cooper to harass as they try to travel within the US. They do it based purely on his public display of patriotism and his refusal to bow down to political correctness when addressing those things which he views as threats to our great nation and its residents.

The aim of the DHS is obviously to intimidate and harass people like Blaine into submission. What they’re doing instead is making him even more “famous” in the eyes of his fellow Americans.

If there’s one thing you should know about Blaine Cooper, it’s that he is one “wascally wabbit” with an iron-clad sense of purpose and it’s going to take more than just a few bumbling Elmer Fudd type TSA agents to corner him and keep him from doing what he knows in his heart is right.


Courtesy of Mad World News

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