Mad World News: Hamas has infiltrated college campuses across America in search of impressionable recruits through student groups inspired by radical Islamic organizations. A separate organization has formed to expose the troubling issue, creating a video that sheds light on this reality.

The anti-Islamist infiltration group called, Hamas On Campus, was set up by students from different campuses across the USA and Canada, according to their website.

“We represent both Jews and non-Jews, left and right, liberal and conservative. We value freedom of speech, women’s rights and human rights. For this reason we are disturbed by the increasingly radical behaviour and rhetoric by Hamas supporting organizations on campus,” the group explains.

The group’s video highlights the deep connection between the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and radical Islamic organizations, such as Hamas.

Jewish students have been frighteningly affected by campus visits from al-Qaeda tied speakers along with other visitors which advocate “Jewish genocide.” One female Jewish student was struck with a shopping cart on the campus of University of California Berkeley in 2010, the video reveals.

The timing of the film’s release comes just weeks after Hamas fired thousands of rockets at innocent Israeli civilians and murdered Muslim opposition in Gaza.

“The SJP is Hamas on campus. Today, students are faced with radical Islamic campus organizations that share speakers, financial ties, and coordinate activities with other Hamas affiliated bodies,” the group explains in its first video. “And beneath the public facade of the SJP’s anti-Israel rhetoric, is a radical Islamic organization that has been guided from the beginning to be Hamas on campus.”

Watch the short film below and share this awareness with others, especially those with college-age children or those who are students themselves:

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