Former “King of Queens” Star Patton Oswalt Urges ISIS To ATTACK Innocent People Inside Trump’s Hotels

Anti Trump Hollywood actor has sent out threats and urged ISIS terrorists to attack Donald Trump’s hotels and to kill innocent people.

Oswalt is an actor who plays the character Spence on the television show King of Queens.

Here are some reactions from different people on Twitter as well as Oswalt’s comments,

Oswalt tried playing it off like it was comedy and a badly taken joke when in reality it was disgusting and vile and called for violence against Americans no less. Hollywood is full of progressive liberals who are willing to spend millions to make sure their agenda makes its way through to Washington D.C.

Clearly Oswalt is no different. But to encourage violence, especially against our President Elect, is vile and contributes to the divisiveness that is penetrating our country right now. No amount of explanation will make what he said ok.

Unfortunately he is not the only one who has made similar comments. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has already dealt with death threats and hate letters that are sent towards Trump and his transition team. People have been charged with felonies for posting comments on Twitter insinuating that people should assassinate the President Elect.

These are serious crimes and should be taken seriously. It is never alright to threaten to life of anyone let alone a President. It is all these liberal snowflakes no less who are saying hateful, racist things to Trump supporters they hate. Creating all these riots and violent mayhem. They should be held just as accountable as the left tries to hold the right accountable for so called increases in violent hate crimes.

When Trump becomes President he will not tolerate any of this the way the Obama administration did. As he said, he will make America great and safe once again.

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