Breaking! Speaker Paul Ryan Releases Major News Affecting All Of Our Military Men And Women!

The military hasn’t fared well under Barack Obama’s presidency, and that’s clearly reflected in the fact that most in the armed forces voted for The Donald over the woman who claimed she’d continue Obama’s legacy (and what a legacy it’s been).

Teddy Roosevelt once described his foreign policy as “talk softly and carry a big stick” – which Obama talks softly and carries no stick. Since he’s taken office, we’ve seen the Taliban’s membership grow to where it was before we invaded Afghanistan, and ISIS fill the vacuum after American forces left Iraq.

Obama is happy to spend money on anything, as evidenced by our $20 trillion in national debt. But to get him to say no to a spending increase, all you have to do is suggest something that would benefit our military. Approving pay increases for those in the military was one spending increase he opposed, but as Red State Watcher reported, he can’t always get what he wants.


Military personnel will see a 2.1 percent pay raise starting in January and a significant manpower boost within the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps as part of Congress’ annual defense spending bill unveiled Tuesday. It was luckily passed today.

The clock is ticking down on Obama’s presidency, and with it, the amount of damage he can do is getting smaller and smaller. 2017 will be the first time in six years that the military pay raise tops 2 percent.  Is it a coincidence that it’s Obama’s presidency where our troops can’t get a raise?

Of course it is.

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