BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just PROVED He’s The WORST Traitor The Country Has Seen In Years With What He Just Did

Republicans made an absolutely sweeping win last November. Not only did President Trump win the presidential election, but the Republicans now have a majority in both the House of Representiaves and Senate. This is a big win for Republicans because, for the last few years, the most they’ve been able to do in our houses of congress is try and block all the insane and destructive laws that the Democrats have tried to shove down America’s throat.

This win was probably partly due to the atrocity that was the (un)Affordable Care Act. Obviously, those who currently had insurance didn’t want the new plan, because it meant skyrocketing premiums and those who were generally healthy and without health insurance were penalized in a big way, which didn’t help their financial situation much. That, along with other issues that affect the middle class, is probably what got out the republican vote last November. And even though democrats like to play dirty with their minority, we were still hopeful that we would get some traction on reversing the last 8 years of damage.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that there might be a fox guarding the hen house in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The Speaker wears many hats, even bearing the burden of being the choice for President, should the President and Vice President come to an untimely end. That’s why it’s so disturbing to think that he might not be really working in our best interest.

Via Breitbart News:

“House Speaker Paul Ryan’s new 2017 budget allows the Department of Homeland Security to import at least 20,000 extra foreign blue-collar workers for seasonal jobs in the United States, instead of requiring companies to recruit, train, and pay marginalized Americans.

The bipartisan congressional language creates a headache for Trump and his deputies because it flips the politically difficult problem from Congress to the Department of Homeland Security of deciding whether to provide extra wage-cutting H-2B contract workers to companies or else to improve job opportunities for Trump’s blue-collar voters.

The new rule is opposed by pro-American groups, including the Federation for American Immigration Reform. According to FAIR’s Robert Law:

‘Increasing the number of low-skilled foreign workers through a massive government funding bill is Washington at its worst. This is a clear betrayal of blue collar Americans who were hit the hardest by the Obama economy. Even after Trump’s victory, Congress is more interested in rewarding the business lobby’s thirst for cheap workers than getting their unemployed constituents back in the work force.’

The language in the 2017 budget says the Department of Homeland Security has the authority to exceed the supposed 66,000 annual cap on H-2B outsourcing visas by a number equal to the maximum number of workers who benefited from an earlier exemption, dubbed the “returning worker exemption.”

The H-2B program allows companies that do seasonal work to import up to 66,000 foreign workers each year instead of recruiting and hiring Americans. The program is supported by Democrats and Republicans eager to aid local business groups, which are competing against each other for American workers, and which face competition from the companies that employ roughly 8 million illegal immigrants.

The annual inflow of 1 million contract workers is in addition to the annual inflow of 1 million legal immigrants. Every year, these two million new arrivals compete with the 4 million young Americans who enter the workforce each year, forcing down wages, driving up unemployment and transferring roughly $500 billion from employees to employers and investors. Several million working-age men have been pushed out the workforce by declining wages, say economists.”

I understand that cheap labor is something that business owners treasure, but let’s think about this in general economic terms. The labor has to be cheap so that the product can be cheap. The product has to be increasingly more affordable as the economy is on a downward trend. If the economy is on a downward trend, it’s because there’s not enough money to go around. So, if that product was made by giving money to people currently in the economy, without adding population to it, then the economy gets better, and the price doesn’t have to be as low. Do you see how, even if they weren’t an absolute betrayal of Americans, it would still just be a stupid idea? Yeah, me too.

I know Democrats have a whole different set of goals, but serving the hard working American is exactly what Republicans are hired to do. Whether they see it or not, politicians like Ryan are chipping away at the very foundation they sit on when they betray the middle class in America.

(Source: Breitbart News)

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