Paula Jones Joins Gingrich In Epic Takedown Of ‘Nasty Heifer’ Megyn Kelly (WATCH)

Megyn Kelly is getting nailed from every angle. She was recently double teamed by Newt Gingrich and Paula Jones who both had to say about Kelly.

A woman won $850,000 as a result of Bill’s sexual predatoresque actions and when she comments on this, then I think she knows what she’s talking about.

Calling out Megyn Kelly is just about as easy as calling out a five-foot white guy for trying to be center on an NBA team. I’ve always seen Megyn Kelly as an opportunist who spills dreck from her mouth just for the ratings, as if she’s taking a page out of Trump’s “free press 101” book.

She does and says things, but does she really stand by her words or is she just in it for the ratings? You can be both or one or the other, depends on who you are.

Conservative 101 – Paula Jones, who had successfully been awarded $850,000 for Bill’s sexual assault against her had a lot to say. She tweeted a link to the conversation between Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich and then wrote “Woohoo, he slammed this nasty heifer!” But that’s not all.

She soon deleted her tweet and replaced it with another one that said “Lets get this straight…Megyn Kelly isn’t for all women…she hates Trump, so she’s only for those so called victims! NEVER for me!”

Juanita Broaddrick joined in as well, “Beauty is only skin deep. Megyn Kelly is ugly as hell on the inside.” tweeted Broaddrick.

Kathleen Willey joined in too. “Truer words were never spoken. Newt gave her exactly what she deserves. She is obsessed with sex…. ”

To me it seems like many women dislike Megyn Kelly, regardless of if they’re Trump fans or not.

People are finally catching up with the annoyingness of Megyn Kelly.

However, most guys would say “yes” to a chance of some alone time with her. Doesn’t mean she needs to talk during it.

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