PBS Airs SICK Taxpayer-Funded Black Panther Follow-Up To Beyoncé’s COP-HATING Superbowl Show

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It’s always good to know where your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent — for instance, for a PBS special on the Black Panther Party.

The documentary celebrated the Black Panthers as a civic organization that fed the hungry and helped the poor, but it left out a couple of very important things.

The documentary reportedly made no mention of the violence that the party used against police officers. Instead it positioned the Panthers as victims and made the FBI and the police look as if they were the main aggressors.

The documentary showcased the April 6, 1968, confrontation between the Panthers and police in West Oakland, California, that left four policeman wounded and one killed and resulted in the death of Black Panther Party’s Bobby Hutton.

The PBS documentary did admit that Hutton was armed with a shotgun because he and his mentor Eldridge Cleaver, “had this idea of actually, actively attacking police,” but the documentary presented the incident as if Hutton and Eldridge were the victims of a government siege on the Panthers who were “innocently” sitting in their West Oakland headquarters.

You can get a pretty good feel for the whole documentary just by watching this brief trailer:

This is a travesty, and comes shortly after the controversial Superbowl 50 performance by Beyoncé where she highlighted the Panthers and Malcom X.

While freedom of speech allows for this kind of propaganda, we would hope that PBS would be a bit wiser with their programming considering the constituents actively funding the network through their taxes.


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