Pedestrians Horrified When They See What Muslim Migrant Was Dragging Behind Truck

Europe is learning firsthand the consequences of mass Muslim migration.

While America has remained relatively conservative in only taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees, Europe has taken in so-called “refugees” by the millions. Most of them aren’t even real refugees fleeing war, they’re so-called “economic refugees” – those who’ve fled to be dependent on whatever foreign government will take them.

While in America the argument against refugee resettlement was the possibility of terrorists slipping through the cracks, Europe has taught us that when it comes to problems associated with mass Muslim migration, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In Germany, a Muslim migrant was driving down the street when bystanders noticed that something out of the ordinary was attached to the back of his vehicle and making its way around the corner. When they got a closer look, it became clear that they were witnessing something they’ll never forget….

As Mad World News reported:

Civilians were shocked when they witnessed a young woman tied with a rope around her neck being dragged by a truck through the streets of Hamelin, Germany. The driver was a 38-year-old migrant of Kurdish-Turkish origin and the former partner of his 28-year-old victim.

On Monday morning, bystanders helplessly watched as the vehicle sped over the pavement, towing the bleeding woman, who is also of Kurdish-Turkish decent, from the truck’s trailer hitch. Miraculously, the finger-thick rope came untied after she was dragged over 800 feet and pedestrians rushed to her aid. It was then that they discovered that the bleeding wasn’t from being dragged but because of deep knife wounds inflicted by her estranged lover.

The problem with the ideology of Islam is that it prohibits its adherents from assimilating into Western culture. In fact, it encourages them to destroy western culture and what it stands for.

While in America most immigrants fully assimilate into our culture within a generation, Muslim communities in Europe tend to segregate and isolate themselves off from mainstream society. And the results of that? Poverty and government dependency, resentment for the Western world, and crime.

Liberals are always the ones saying that we should look to Europe for policy ideas (mainly because they want us to adopt the same freebies their governments do), but in this case, we really can learn from Europe. Let’s not make the same mistakes they have.

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