SHES DONE! Pelosi Said She Never Met With Russian Ambassador, Look At What We Just Found!

Nancy Pelosi has been leading the charge amongst congressional Democrats to vilify the likes of Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and now Jeff Sessions for having contact with Russian officials from the Kremlin. But she should start looking at the skeletons in her own closet before she tries to go rummaging through others.

Watch below as she was asked about her own meetings with Russian ambassadors,

The following photo was released shortly after the President tweeted that he wanted to call for an investigation into Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s ties to Russia.

As a result, Pelosi’s spokesperson released the following statement,

Leader Pelosi’s answer to the question today was clearly about private, one-on-one meetings, which she has never had with Ambassador Kislyak. The Ambassador was incidental to the 2010 meeting between then-Russian President Medvedev and then-Speaker Pelosi. Clearly, one needs to remind Politico that Attorney General Sessions lied under oath about a secret meeting amidst Russia’s hacking of our election, which he also didn’t disclose in a written questionnaire.”

Despite the fact that she is calling for an investigation into alleged communications between Sessions and Russia there are public photos out their that are verified and accurate of her own meetings with Russian officials.

Once again the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party comes swinging in full force. They are too busy pointing their fingers at Republicans to see that their own behavior is not above reproach. Apparently only Republicans are meant to be held responsible for their actions. Clearly this is an exception only made for Democrats.

Yet they are so shocked as to why they lost the White House, Senate, and Congress. Perhaps if they had been self-reflective about this blatant hypocrisy they would still be in power but they weren’t. And now they have too much time on their hands and their focusing on nonsense issues.

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