Future Vice President Pence Posted This Heartfelt Christmas Message

Vice President-elect Mike Pence issued a Christmas statement via Facebook that was very moving and embodies the true sentiment of Christmas. He’s a devout Christian and loves his family. Pence is also mindful of those less fortunate and others who are struggling during this season. He advocates reaching out to others not just during Christmas, but all year long, with a kind word and the giving of oneself to help others in their time of need. That is what being a Christian really means.

Pence also made it a point to remember the military and their families over Christmas. They fight so we can have Christmas and be free. We all say a prayer for the military and their families, as well as giving thanks for our fighting boys and girls.

From RedStateWatcher:

In this season of family traditions, it is important to be mindful that Christmas and this holiday season can be particularly difficult for those who have lost a loved one or those struggling with life’s challenges.

Each of us can embody the spirit of the season by being generous with our time and treasure to those in need. While so many give generously to local food banks or charities that reach our most vulnerable, it is also good to remember that to reach out to a neighbor who might be spending this Christmas with a heavy heart with a helping hand, a warm meal or a word of encouragement can mean just as much to brighten this special time of year.

Let us also remember those serving in our Armed Forces and their families who may be celebrating this season worlds apart. As the proud parents of a United States Marine, Karen and I have gained a greater understanding of the sacrifices our service members make in answering the call of duty. I pray these heroes and their families find comfort in the sure knowledge that our nation is grateful for their service and remembers them in our prayers.

As we all celebrate the tradition of Christmas today, we are extremely grateful for the election of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. They are the greatest hope this nation has seen in many years and are a blessing to Americans.

Pence lives his faith and volunteered this past week at Wheeler Mission Ministries in Downtown Indianapolis, serving food to the homeless. Indiana loves him and will miss him, but he is going on to a greater call of service for all of us now. Pence, who has visited the organization that serves the homeless community several times, said he and President-elect Donald Trump will focus on getting people “that have been left behind in this economy back to work.” They have already begun to do just that.

Pence also posted a Christmas message to Facebook for Indiana as it’s his final Christmas as governor. Watch.

Pence on Wednesday revealed plans to host his son’s wedding at the governor’s residence next week. Pence’s son, Michael, a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, will marry his fiance, Sarah Whiteside. I wish them a long and happy marriage. It is the beginning of yet one more great endeavor Mike Pence is a part of. It’s all part of a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year to come.


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