Pence Just Revealed What George Bush Gave Him At The Super Bowl… This Says A Lot

The newly elected Vice President Mike Pence just revealed who one of his biggest role models was. Prior to entering office, the Vice President said that he sought out the guidance of former Vice President and President George H. W. Bush. Before his 1988 White House win, George H. W. Bush was the Vice President to Ronald Reagan.

The current Vice President had the chance to spend time with the former President at the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. It meant the world to Vice President Pence. And Brian Kilmeade of Fox News aired an exclusive interview with the man for his Fox News Radio program.

It was recorded prior to the festivities in Texas. But most importantly it revealed Pence’s true opinions of George H.W. Bush, who did the coin toss to start off the game at NRG Stadium.

Pence commented on the strength of the man who was recently hospitalized yet found the courage to come to the game regardless. A memorable part of the Super Bowl no less. He said,

It really speaks about the strength of that man. We all know him as a president, he was a vice president, he was served in many different positions within the government, but he started out in uniform. People that know the story of George Herbert Walker Bush know that he was an aviator. He was actually shot down over Chichijima,
so people that know his whole history know he is a man of great personal strength, so we’re not at all surprised to see him back out here flipping the coin just a few weeks after being in the hospital.”

And the vice president said that despite the challenges of age and infirmity, Bush 41 gave him a personal note with welcome words of encouragement. I just got a very nice, warm personal note from President Bush encouraging me and a good word of encouragement for the president, and we just couldn’t be more grateful for that. But the privilege of our little family being able to spend time with the 41st president at the Super Bowl and with these American heroes is really hard to describe.”

Pence also recalled how he respected him for his work as number two to the most powerful man in the world.

The reason why I think about Vice President Bush is because then as now, I believe, there was a transformational leader coming to bring real change to Washington, D.C. I’ll be thinking about the privilege I have to stand next to another change agent as president.”

It is clear that above all else what the former President gave Vice President Pence was a shining example of how to be and surely he will fulfill that.

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