Pence BRINGS IT! He Just Dropped 4 Powerful Words To North Korea That Nobody Expected Him To Say

Many have doubted the President has the endurance and backbone that it takes to stand up to world leaders. Thus far he has proved them wrong one hundred percent of the time. He has mended diplomatic fences that his predecessor destroyed and put America back on the path to receiving the respect that we used to have from the rest of the world. And unlike our former President, hasn’t given away billions of dollars or taken in the rest of the world’s unwanted criminals.

He’s also shown that he doesn’t plan to put up with the unchecked dictators that have been roaming like a bunch of free-range fighting roosters over the last few years. He’s already shown that he’s not against mobilizing a military force to put down any petty insurrection against a dictator’s own people, and he’s also put a nice little dent in ISIS’s operations in Afghanistan. And these aren’t even the major threats, just some housekeeping issues that needed to be seen to.

The idiots with the nukes, those are the ones we are going to have to get serious with. Such is the case with North Korea and it’s “mentally unstable toddler” of a leader. Kim Jong-un has refused to adhere to the rules and regulations that other nations in his position have acquiesced to. This has made for a little bit of tension between the US and our potential radioactive friends in North Korea. The President has moved the Navy into position to deal with any possible threats, and Vice President Mike Pence has gone to visit our allies in South Korea to check the situation out.

Via Allen B. West:

Our vice president, Mike Pence, has always appeared to be the mild-mannered foil to Donald Trump’s bluster and bombast. His interviews and comments have always been delivered in calm, measured tones, but behind it all is apparently a man of steel.

As the saber-rattling between the North Korea and the U.S. gets louder, the rhetoric has ratcheted up. North Korea has promised missile tests every week (they’ll need that much practice if they ever want to have a rocket that lasts more than 30 seconds before crashing and burning) and “thermonuclear war” if the United States strikes first. Bit overdramatic perhaps, but this time the U.S. isn’t going to sit idly by while Kim Jong Un hurls threats.

Yesterday, Pence dropped the hammer.

Via New York Times:

Pence, dressed in a green military jacket, said aboard the hulking USS Ronald Reagan that President Donald Trump’s administration would continue to “work diligently” with allies like Japan, China and other global powers to apply economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang. But he told the sailors, “as all of you know, readiness is the key.

“The United States of America will always seek peace but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready,” Pence told 2,500 sailors dressed in blue fatigues and Naval baseball caps on a sunny, windy morning aboard the carrier at the U.S. Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo Bay.
“Those who would challenge our resolve or readiness should know, we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response,” Pence said.

Vice President Pence made it pretty clear that there was no wiggle room in what they expect from the North Koreans. It’s nuclear disarmament or swift and deadly retribution from the United States and all those who support us. I’m not sure what the logic is for Mr. Jong-un, but if he decides he wants to take on the United States, I’m afraid he’s in for a big bad surprise. The leader of the free world may have been rolling over and playing dead for almost the last decade, but the new one we have is not at all used to losing, so I wouldn’t expect him to take a firm “no” laying down. Even the liberals who don’t support him would tell you he’s probably got a really itchy trigger finger, and it might not be wise to test him.

That’s just some friendly advice from someone who’s never run a country, so take it for what it’s worth, but love it or hate it, the President and his right-hand man are ready and willing to deal with any and all enemies, domestic or abroad, which I guess is kind of their job. Who’d have thought that we might get a president worried about doing his job. What a nice change for us.

(Source: Allen B. West)

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