The Pentagon Just Shut Down Trey Gowdy For Going After Hillary… Gowdy Could Use Your Support NOW

Clinton operatives appeared to be nagging up a storm about having the investigations ended within a two year time span.

Trey Gowdy doesn’t think so!

He responded with a striking letter to the Defense Secretary to let them know he wasn’t having it. Gowdy doesn’t play. He might have a new hairstyle all the time, but he’s not playing games when it comes to his politics and procedures.

If you want to question Trey Gowdy, then he’s going to question back. The problem is that Gowdy is a lot better at it! Gowdy will question your soul.


US Herald – Which prompted an irritated Gowdy to respond in a scathing letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, singling out both the Pentagon chief and one of his top lieutenants, “intentionally mischaracterizes both the nature of the Committee’s investigation and its interaction with the Department of Defense.”

Gowdy continued: “It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense,” he continued. “Your staff is welcome to waste taxpayer dollars writing partisan, factually deficient letters to our Committee, coordinate the language with House Democrats, and then leak it to the media. That is your prerogative”.

There’s little doubt that the American people are getting perhaps for the first time, a “birds-eye-view” of just how corrupt and deceitful our government has become, to the point of attempting to cover-up even the murder of 4-brave Americans tasked with protecting America’s interest and then being betrayed by those tasked with protecting them, and then stating; “what difference does it make?”

Gowdy will tell you straight up how much taxpayer money you’re wasting, how you’re wasting the time of the public eye, and how you need to shut up and own up to what’s going on.

Stepping into a room with Trey Gowdy is like entering a boxing ring with Mike Tyson in his prime. You’re knocked out in about 92 seconds. You might get in a punch or two, but then you’re face down on a mat, bleeding out answers as you stutter through lies, and you make everyone you stand for look like a pack of idiots.

Challenging Trey Gowdy is like fighting a pack of hungry wolves like you’re wearing a deer carcass like Tom Green once did in the movie Freddy Got Fingered.

What difference does it make?

Trey will tell you.

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