People couldn’t wait to watch Whoopi, The View today; The MELTDOWN is even better than expected!

People could not wait to watch “The View” this morning. And, boy, was it even more delicious than we thought it would be!

But the big question is, when the hell is Whoopi moving?

They are on the wrong side of history and this is the biggest ‘ahh haa GOTCHA’ moment in American politics!

Heh. The Schadenfreude is strong with this one.

Whoops! Smart take, Joy. Snicker.

Boy, are Whoopi Goldberg and some of the other ladies of The View super ticked about Donald Trump’s win over Queen Hillary Clinton. And it’s delicious. Viewers can’t get enough.

Yep. Take a look:

Good grief.

Ha! Wait … is humor allowed again now? Or will everything and anything still be turned into OUTRAGE? We think not. Mandate, baby!


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