People Disgusted By Woman’s Indecent Photo, So She Shows Them MUCH More..WOW!!!


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A Florida woman’s provocative photo immediately made viewers feel exceptionally uncomfortable the second they saw it, resulting in social media moderators scrubbing it from the site. Shocked at the stifling gesture, this blonde bombshell fought the censorship in an unforgettable way, with a new set of pictures.

Maria Corry describes herself as a “very private” person and mother-of-two who enjoys playdates with her kids and other average mom duties, when she’s not causing controversy online. However, her secret self is now on full display, and she’s not afraid of showing it. She’s traded in her modesty guard to incite a movement that she hopes others support, including men who don’t feel the need to see it.

When Corry first posted a picture of herself with one of her children, she could barely count the number of times it was reported for indecency in such a short amount of time. It hadn’t been online long before it was removed for violating guidelines. This was confusing for Corry, who said she barely showed any skin in the “offensive” picture of her breastfeeding her baby. What she did in response has caused an even bigger reaction than the first photo.

Maria Corry breastfeeding her baby

Maria Corry breastfeeding her baby

The reality of the negativity that surrounds women choosing to breastfeed their babies in public view, became all too real for Corry, after the ignorant reaction by Facebook users. These people would rather scroll through their news feed, or stroll a mall, and see lingerie model’s exposed breasts, than a mother using them for what they are intended for. Somehow, the latter has been made to be deplorable, while sexualizing this body part is acceptable to see in ever-increasing vulgarity.

Corry hopes to “normalize breastfeeding” by showing the world that it’s beautiful to nourish your child the natural way, and gross to see it as something else. Sitting on her bed, with her baby in one arm and a Victoria’s Secret photo in the other, Corry’s chest is covered, but the woman’s in the advertisement is not.

People Disgusted By Woman's Indecent Selfie, So She Shows Them MUCH More

“I bet this won’t be reported, because you can see this picture in every mall you step into, huge and blown up outside the store,” she wrote in her post with the picture. “This is not frowned upon, or ever reported, as it is seen everywhere.”

The mom has not stopped posting pictures of herself feeding her child wherever she sees fit, and she encourages other moms to do the same. It’s all in an effort to show that there’s no difference between boob shots, except for the skewed reactions. “I think anyone who sees breastfeeding as a sexual act, does have something wrong in their head though,” Corry said. We live in an era where breastfeeding is frowned upon, but anything else that shows breasts is celebrated and encouraged.

With so many attempts to bring attention to the positive nature of nursing, it’s easy for some to go beyond what’s necessary to make that point. However, Corry was not one of those. Her photos were appropriate and made a valid point.

She didn’t ram her chest down someone else’s throat as a means of telling them to get use to the idea. The fact that so many people were quick to report her first innocent breastfeeding photo, while overly sexualized photos with too much showing on social media don’t get removed, says a lot about the sad society we live in.

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