People Erupt Over Sick Picture Of Toddlers, When They See What’s On Their Faces

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In Memphis, Tennessee, a woman thought it would be funny to share a photo of a pair of toddlers on social media. It didn’t take long for the Internet to erupt over it, when everyone saw what was on their faces, and now it’s too late.

Until a few days ago, Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi enjoyed a fairly healthy Facebook following, sharing anything and everything to her online fans that she thought made her look like the person she wanted to be. However, it was that habit of over sharing that has forced her to shut down her profile, and she is now facing bigger issues.

While a lot can be lost in text, a photo speaks volumes and can be proof of everything people need to know, captured in a split second of poor judgement. Jaton, who is presumed to be the mother of the two toddlers or at least related to them, was in charge of the pair when they began acting their age. As many parents can verify, car rides with kids can be a headache, but Jaton had a remedy for that, which others didn’t think was as funny as she allegedly did.

In the now infamous photo that went viral for all the wrong reasons, the woman “cleverly” captioned it with an offer to buy the “bad” kids. “Kids for sale, 45 percent off because they bad,” she wrote, according to KCTV5, which was only half as disgusting as what she forced the kids to do in the snapshot. The little girls’ hands and mouths were bound up with duct tape to remedy their rowdiness.

Woman Posts 'Funny' Pic Of Toddlers, Didn't Realize What Was In The Photo

Jaton’s post of the two toddlers that landed her in a world of hurt

Jaton allegedly thought it was a joke that everyone would understand, but she found out fast that what she captured in the picture is criminal. Tears can be seen pouring down the older of the two children’s faces, clearly in distress of being hog tied and muzzled. Memphis police are investigating the matter, and Jaton is nowhere to be seen online, after viewers condemned her for doing this to kids and thinking it was funny. However, her family doesn’t get what all the fuss is about, coming to the woman’s defense to excuse her abusive behavior.

“Basically a joke at the moment that people just went overboard about,” Jaton’s cousin Derion King wrote online, KFOR reported. “People make mistakes and that’s what this situation is, a lesson learned. They are safe, unharmed, and loved. That’s all it is to it,” he concluded.

The kids were still put into bondage and were terrified from it. Even if “just” for a picture, it was surly a frightening moment that they were forced to endure so their mom could make a joke online at their expense.

You’re free to post whatever you want online, but that doesn’t mean you’re protected from the consequences that come from it, although she still has custody of the kids. Perhaps this woman needs to have her hands and mouth duct taped, then strapped into the backseat of a car for someone to take a picture of her to share on social media to see how it feels. Then maybe she won’t think her “joke” is all that funny.

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