People SHOCKED At What’s Spotted On The Back Of SUV Driving Down Major U.S. Highway

People HORRIFIED At What's Spotted On The Back Of SUV Driving Down Major U.S. Highway

Drivers heading going about their weekend on an otherwise average afternoon were headed down a major U.S. highway when their path crossed with an SUV’s. While the rig was minding the rules of the road, it’s what was spotted on the back that made several horrified onlookers hit the brakes in disbelief and outrage of what they witnessed.

Other drivers on the road began honking incessantly at the scene, which only made angry people more furious at what was in front of them. Apparently, a frustrated patriot had something to get off his chest and put his loud and proud message across the back of his ride. Although it was well-received by fellow conservatives honking in approval, liberal motorists weren’t too impressed with what this blunt badass had to say.

As a reminder to too many citizens who seemed to have forgotten, this driver set out to inform them of the obvious, and also let welcome them to the new America under President Trump. “This is America…We DON’T redistribute Wealth…we EARN it!” the Trump-supporter had emblazoned his back window with, in big, easy to read white lettering that was apparently a difficult concept for the left to grasp.

People HORRIFIED At What's Spotted On The Back Of SUV Driving Down Major U.S. Highway
Photo Credit: drakko 1980 on Reddit

“Saw this patriot while driving,” the poster wrote on Reddit with the photo snapped while behind this unapologetic patriot. Despite the support for this message from hardworking Americans on the right side of politics, liberals are furious that the handouts that they feel entitled to aren’t going to keep flowing in their direction unless they work for it. It’s hard to hear, but someone needed to say it and this car owner decided to be the one to do it.

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