Trump Slams Mexico, Then Melania Delivers Knockout Blow When She Shows Up There Unannounced!

After President Trump had been going toe-to-toe with Mexico’s president over the border wall, nobody expected what Melania was up to when she showed up over the border and delivered a knockout blow to the country that nobody saw coming.

The day after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled his scheduled meeting with President Trump, Melania made a surprise appearance in Mexico. The two leaders are in a spat over who is going to pay for the border wall as Nieto needs to but is refusing to do so when our incredibly classy First Lady graced the cover of Vanity Fair that just came out today, exactly one week from when Donald Trump was sworn into office. However, it wasn’t her stunning beauty that caught people’s eye, it was what else they noticed about it that was snuck in there as a big “f you” to certain people who are livid about it.

Melania is looking like the modern day Jackie Kennedy on the cover, just as she did on Inauguration Day when she far overshadowed Michelle Obama. The cover even addresses the classy likeness she has to the iconic First Lady, but it was the timing of the issue and where it appeared that’s ironic and couldn’t have been better played. Although unintentional, the cover is a reminder that the Trumps aren’t going away and given their power, Mexico will suffer by not working with Trump to build the wall he promised.

Vanity Fair had planned for Melania to appear on this cover, which just so happened to be the Mexican issue of the magazine that was released a day

Nieto should have taken Trump seriously and seen that he’s a man of his word since his refusal to do his part in the could now cost his country a 20 percent tax, which will wind up costing him more than just footing the bill as he was originally asked to do. As insult to injury, the Peso has just plunged in value.

Just as Mexico’s hate for the United States reaches a peak this week, they are forced to look at a beaming Melania with a sweet smile. Ironically, she’s also the picture of successful immigration, which they could be a part of too if they didn’t prefer the illegal way which is why there’s a need for the wall in the first place.

h/t: [GatewayPundit]

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