People Notice Something Strange About Hillary’s Outfit, Did you see it?

Oh my gosh! My curiosity is going to KILL ME with this one! I’m not going to sleep for days…

Did you see what was on Hillary backside at the debate Monday night? You probably didn’t, but if you did… why were you looking at Hillary’s backside?

I’m kidding… I’M KIDDING!

Seriously though, take a gander at this!

I know what you’re thinking…

Another awful pant suit Hillary!?

Also.. what the HECK is that protruding from her back!? At first glance it looks like some kind of exoskeleton reptile spine thingy…with a tucked tail.

But that’s probably just me, because I’m really weird like that. …so what the flipp’in heck is it?

Here an idea that is catching fire…and it’s a lot more realistic.

So it might just be some kind of device that allows Hillary to communicate with staff behind the scenes. She’s a cheat, so that’s very likely. No matter what it is, it’s something she doesn’t want seen if she’s tucking that contraption under her clothes to hide it!

That makes one thing clear, she doesn’t want us to know about it. It’s a secret, which means…BAD BAD BAD and BAD.

She’s crazy to be taking such a risk, but that also shows just how desperate she is. The woman must really be in a bad way. I know many were waiting to see if she passed out or had a coughing fit during the debate…and were disappointed that she didn’t.

However, this is far more scandalous!

If her words aren’t her words now, then what hell can we expect from her if she becomes President.

If the world is under alien attack, and Hillary has to decide if she’s going to press a magic button to save the world or not….what is she going to do if she can’t find her ear piece?

We’re freaking doomed man. Hillary Clinton is unfit, mentally and physically for the job. The woman really needs to retire and be a Grandma with what time she has left…maybe she can somehow earn her soul back while she’s at it.


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