People SICK At Billboards That Just Popped Up In U.S. Town Overnight By Muslims – MUST Be Removed Now

If you’re an America-loving patriot whose proud of your country and loves everything our freedom stands for, then you’re going to love this hilarious billboard that one can only take as a joke. It has to be a joke, because there’s no one in the country, with a working brain, who would take this as a serious advertisement. I’m baffled at the humor behind this, but I know there are some gun-toting folks ready to burst into the next rendition of the Crusades and bash some liberal heads in with a spiked iron ball and chain.

It’s with great humor and hilarity that I present to you the most stupid thing that you will see all day. There it is folks, the joke of the day. A “MAGA” billboard that jokes about using Islam to make America great.

The signs that appear in several locations near the Vegas strip read, “Making America great with love, compassion, and mercy.” Then there is a telephone number and website to reach “Why Islam.” The billboards were paid for by Masjid As Sabur, the first Muslim community organization for the Las Vegas area created back in the early 1970s. The mosque has hosted the likes of Muhammad Ali, his daughter Laila, and Mike Tyson.

Also sponsoring the messages, according to 8 News Now, is the Al-Maun Neighborly Needs of Las Vegas.

In a press release, Imam Fateen Seifullah stated, “Helping to meet our neighbors’ needs through service is a core principle of Islam. Everyone can help to make America great by working together to solve problems and by showing compassionate concerns for all Americans.”

They’re joking, right? Because I can’t take this as something meant to be taken as anything less than a joke. I’m sure there’s a comedian hanging out in that mosque cracking jokes like they’re having a night at the Apollo.




This was a legitimately purchased advertisement meant to spark interest in the Muslim culture and religion of Islam.

So what happens when we walk into a mosque, our gay friend is tossed off the pointy top, the third-grader who wants to pray gets preyed upon, and the Muslim girl who doesn’t want to wear a burka gets honor killed? Well, that sounds like a blast (no pun intended). Where do I sign up?

Does my sign up come with an instruction manual on gang rape? I’m not really sure who goes first? Does our gang decide who goes first based on age, height order, or do we go in ABC order like we’re standing in line at the school cafeteria?

How old is my future wife and what grade is she in? I need to make sure she can read and drive me to the beer store where I can purchase some halal beef jerky from a jar.

How high is the appropriate building to throw a gay person from? Is four stories too low? I don’t want them to survive, but I also don’t want to be so high that the people below don’t see it coming. Don’t want to spill gay blood on anyone cheering us on below.

What’s that woman over there doing out of the kitchen? Don’t let me see an ankle or you’ll get shivved!

What day is your “hijack a plane and blow it up” class?

Sounds like horrible stereotypes and bad humor, right? The stereotypes part is true, but it’s not had humor. It’s as hilarious as the billboard that thinks we can make America great again with a religion that’s surrounded by so much negativity and violence. That’s what I think of when I imagine the Muslim culture because that’s all I see in the media.

France, Germany, Orlando, Sweden and plenty of other locations on the map have become riddled with Muslim crime.

If the Islamic people don’t want a negative vibe towards them, then they need to get it together. Gather the good people and fight back towards the barbaric Muslims who give their religion a bad name.

Let’s face it though, there are bad people in every religion.

How many times has a Catholic priest been relocated with your donation money for kneeling in front of an alter boy?

The more you know…

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