Pepsi CEO Attacks Trump After Election, Then Gets A NASTY Surprise

CEO of Pepsi, Indri Nooyi’s undying support of Satan spawn, Hillary Clinton has been no secret. This woman’s far left politics has been nothing but obnoxious since Obama’s win in 2008 when she decided it would ‘hip’ to celebrate his victory with a personalize Oba-logo and adding special effects to their website spewing “Hope and Change”…. hope and change that came, but wasn’t the hope and change people voted for.

We all know how the left crapped their pants over Trump’s win as the President-elect last Tuesday night. They went absolutely bonkers and continue to do so out on the streets causing chaos and havoc because they have no jobs to worry they can.


Sadly for the IQ of America, even liberals who you would think should know better and are in positions such as CEO don’t possess the intelligence or sense enough to refrain from acting like a fool. She took no time in responding to Trump’s win with nasty comments, only further stirring the pot of crappy bahavior, contention and hate…the very hate they swear up and down to be fighting against.


Now her and her employees are having yet another meltdown after Trump’s victory…but not for reasons you would think. Since making her crude comments on Trump, in the most recent update their stock has fallen. In fact, it’s been a SHARP 5% drop in the most recent stable stock review.

…and BOOM! Reality check…SERVED!

They really thought that the nation was behind their delusional beliefs and agenda. They are still trying to figure out how it is that Americans voted Trump.

All I have to say is when you continually call a person a racist, who is not one bit racist…you can pretty much bet they won’t be voting for the very person who will allow that kind of nonsense to happen. It’s exhausting really.

Now this CEO is learning the hard way…not allowing anyone else to have an opinion and forcing your own on them…has its’ consequences. It backfires.

Sorry ’bout it. Just kidding…not sorry. Not even one bit.

Coke is better anyway.


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