Perfect Anti-Muslim Security Measure Goes Into Place At Airports, Terroristic Travelers Are FREAKING Out

The United States has been in a war on terror for over 15 years, ever since Muslims on a fatal and misguided “holy war” mission killed thousands of Americans on September 11th, 2001. The war has taken many forms; we’ve returned the favor of attacking them on our home turf by exterminating the cockroaches in their caves and tunnels in the middle east, we’ve freed some of the people under the thumb of the terroristic dictators.

There’s absolutely no end to the amount of things the United States military will do to protect their family and friends. The thing about waking a sleeping giant is that even if you’ve got a head start, you’ve gotta remember that his stride is way bigger than yours. The United States has these lightweight rats outgunned, outgunned and outsmart. Especially with President Trump taking over the reigns, our defenses are growing stronger by the day. The news techniques to make sure that we prevent Terrorists from entering the country are much more than just a wall.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

We have learned today that “facial scanning technology” is about to start seeing widespread use at “U.S. airport border checkpoints,” as reported by the Conservative Tribune. The last time the TSA or similar agencies got it into their heads to “help” security, it resulted in backscatter radiation machines that were a cancer risk, and poorly calibrated (which makes them MORE cancer promoting). It is said that this new scanning technology shall only track “facial features of American visa holders as they leave the United States” and that Trump is “fast tracking” the idea.

“Passengers would have their photos taken immediately before boarding, to be matched with the passport-style photos provided with the visa application, said the Verge. They also state that “If there’s no match in the system, it could be evidence that the visitor entered the country illegally.” This is a common sense use of the technology that few will take issue with. Those opposed to drones are now very open to using them for “boy in the well” kind of rescues, for instance. It all depends on what the technology is used for, how it is used, and on who it is used. There is a fine line between keeping us safe and intruding into the rights of America. After Obama, the average man and woman has every reason to fear such implementations.

The new system is called “Biometric Exit” and in 2015 it saw it’s first testing at Washington-area Dulles International Airport. Many news sites have said that the technology is incorrect rather frequently, but it can be imagined that this won’t be the case as it is fine-tuned and calibrated. JFK International saw tests a year later and the system is still in use for the “Orlando to Tokyo” flight. The plans are to see this system used at every international airport in America in the long run.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had made plans to see the Biometric Exit debut in 2018, but Donald Trump sped up the plans significantly. The White House is using the new science to work in tandem with his travel ban. This will go a long way in making sure that those who do get to come here from sharia-based lands will at least be not as likely to sneak in if harm is intended. 

So what does this mean for you and me? Currently, nothing, unless you’re a terrorist or have plans to do harm to innocent Americans. Of course like with any technology in the world, it could be abused. There could at some point be corruption and they could use it to arrest you if you forget to pay a parking ticket, or we could end up with some sort of big brother situation. However, this is the future of technology, and it will be used, so better that it be used to seine out the terrorists than that we are blindsided by some other application of the technology.

The world is only getting scarier, but the United States is set up in a way that the free market will foster progress and creativity in a way that will keep us ahead of the backward middle eastern societies that want to do us harm. That’s what these insane dictators don’t seem to get; they can’t possibly think of everything on their own, and they’ve removed the incentive for their people to do it.

So you want to know what it means for you? It means that keeping our freedoms will also keep us safe in more ways than we can even predict.

(Source: Conservative Daily Post)

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