Philadelphia Mayor Says Islam Had Nothing To Do With Attack Against Police Officer (VIDEO)

From Young Cons:  This morning we learned about an attack against a police officer in Philadelphia at the hands of a man who pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The man fired at least 11 shots at the officer while he was sitting in his patrol car and miraculously the officer survived but was injured severely.

Regardless of the fact the shooter admitted that his support of radical Islam was the reason for the attack, the mayor of Philadelphia (surprise, a Democrat) went on television and said that Islam had nothing to do with it.

Wait, what?

This goes far beyond political correctness.  This is just lying.

Of course it had something to do with it.  The shooter admitted it did.

We get it, not all Muslims support terrorism.

But why can’t we talk about actual facts?

The White House has gone radio silent about the shooting as we expected.

What in the world is going on with this country?

Political correctness is going to be our undoing.

H/T Right Scoop

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