Phoenix VA Left Army Veteran Terminally Ill Now Suing For $50 Million (VIDEO)


VIA PHX BUSINESS: Steve Cooper, a 44-year-old Phoenix Army veteran dying of cancer, has filed a $50 million lawsuit in federal court against the Phoenix Veterans Administration alleging delays in getting appointments and poor urological care.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Arizona against the U.S. government for problems Cooper had at the Carl. T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix. According to the lawsuit, Cooper claims he was denied access to medical care at the VA hospital, and when he finally was able to get in to see a doctor, he was provided with negligent medical care resulting in the delayed diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

His attorney, Greg Patton, said Cooper — who served 18 years in the Army — is now dying of prostate cancer because he didn’t receive proper treatment when he should have gotten it.

Patton said Cooper did everything he was supposed to do, seeking care since 2009. Cooper served in the Army from 1989 to 2007, according to court documents.

“Unfortunately, this VA system and their health care providers just took it all away from him,” Patton said. “They took his life.”

Officials at the VA Hospital in Phoenix could not immediately be reached for comment regarding the lawsuit.

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