This Is A Photo Of Bernie Sanders SLEEPING During Memorial Day Service- Now Feel The BERN!

The geniuses over at Google could honor a Marxist terrorist sympathizer, but didn’t have much love for Memorial Day. Neither does another socialist: Bernie Sanders.

As the Young Cons are reporting, it’s quite likely that Sanders was caught asleep at a service yesterday:

Bernie Sanders was just got dozing off at a Memorial Day ceremony.

Or, maybe he was praying?

Okay, maybe he was just looking down at the exact moment this picture was snapped, but being the socialist commie character he is, should he receive the benefit of the doubt?

We report, you decide!

It’s no wonder our troops and veterans are supporting Donald Trump this election cycle. I think they know better than anyone that the candidate who wants to model our healthcare system after the VA’s doesn’t have our best interests in mind.


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