Not a week goes by that an immensely stupid Common Core math technique is brought to light on social media, and this one, believe it or not, may just take the cake.

Erick Erickson, a Fox News and Radio host has a 9-year-old child who recently brought home a Common Core math assignment which his wife sat down to help her with.

But within minutes, she was showing the ridiculous method to Erickson, who immediately tweeted about it and garnered a huge response.

The method taught for subtraction seen below was actually in a real textbook that his daughter brought home from school.

Warning: This will absolutely blow your mind.

common core

Erickson immediately tweeted his frustration after seeing it for himself, saying, “Dear Common Core creators, you have pissed off my wife. The 9yo had to deal with this tonight.”

Obviously angered with the inept liberal learning system, Erickson wanted to use his large base to get the word out, and that he did.

Thousands of replies came in supporting his decision to call out the creators of this absurd method of teaching our children. (H/T TopRightNews)

Common Core simply exists to indoctrinate our children to learn to support big government by reaching them through education.

Since most parents can’t help their children with the Common Core material, students become dependent on the “state” to help them through it.

This is happening right now in America, and without the loud voices of parents and the students rejecting this Common Core garbage, it will only further infiltrate and manipulate our childrens’ minds.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of groups who are speaking out against the brainwashing tactics of Common Core and rejecting it.


Courtesy of the Conservative Tribune

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