PHOTO: Dallas Cops Line Up Outside Hospital… What They Did Next Will Give You Goosebumps


America is mourning the slaughter of five police officers in Dallas, Texas. THESE pictures are of a group of people who are close with those who have died giving honors in a special way. They are paying their respects outside of Parkland Hospital, where many of the victims were taken following the shooting.

You see a long line standing with their hands to their heads and saluting as several slain officers were transported from the hospital was a line of men and women — a thin blue line.

The heartbreaking thing is those officers went to that rally to protect and serve… knowing the rally was a protest against them and that they could be in danger. They didn’t let the danger deter them from doing their jobs, to protect the innocent.

Our police forces care solely about keeping our communities safe, even in the face of danger and death, and even after witnessing several of their own senselessly killed. We owe so much to our ‘men in blue’… I don’t know if I have it in me to put myself in harms way to protect strangers I don’t know. THAT is what a police officer does every day! These pictures really say it all!!

dallas officers saluting

officer salute dallas

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