This Photo of Eric Garner’s Grave PROVES He’s Just a Pawn in a Racial War


There isn’t much that the likes of President Obama, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton won’t use in their transparent pursuit of letting America know that its racist, and now even death is on the table. Most have heard about Eric Garner, and it seems that his name and story are all that people are talking about.

For those who don’t know, Garner was the NYC man put in a choke hold by an NYPD officer, and he died during the arrest. His story has been pushed into the public spotlight, along with that of Mike Brown. Sadly, people pretending to care about the deceased may be nothing more than a selfish ploy in order to further an agenda. The folks over at Vocativ recently proved it by simply visiting the grave of Eric Garner, and the disturbing nature of it all was made ever clear.

This Photo of Eric Garner's Grave PROVES He's Just a Pawn in a Racial War

A small man in a maintenance cart directed the article’s author, Mike Spies, to where the grave was located. There sat an indentation in the ground with a generic cross. No headstone, no flowers, just a cross that can be seen marking the graves of those that seem to be forgotten.

I walked to Elmlawn but couldn’t find the plot. The ground was soggy from several days of rain and snow. A small man in a maintenance cart pulled up beside me and asked if I needed help. I said I was looking for 8B-1.

“The Staten Island man?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Very sad.”

The ground had naturally settled with the turn of the weather.

“Look,” he said. “He’s alone. It’s a big deal.” He walked around the depression and shook his head. “Maybe we’ll be able to fill it in today.” His voice sounded hopeful, but then he looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and seemed to promise more bad weather. He shook his head again. “I don’t know,” he said. “What can you do?”

Eventually, the man told Mr. Spies, “I haven’t seen anyone visit since the funeral. It’s hard.”

Given the narrative that Garner was a loving father and family man, something as simple as a grave site that hasn’t been visited since the funeral is enough to give anyone pause. As sad as it is that a man lost his life, spinning lies to fit an agenda hardly seems like the appropriate response.

This Photo of Eric Garner's Grave PROVES He's Just a Pawn in a Racial War

Have we as a nation allowed ourselves to use the deaths of others for selfish reason? How much money have those that speak out, such as Sharpton and Jackson, made off of men like Garner?

America used to be honorable. We used to be the land of opportunity, but now we stand on the backs of the dead to reach our next paycheck. When did we become this?

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