PHOTO: IRS Comes After 5-Year-Old Boy About His Taxes… His Response Is PERFECT


From the Conservative Tribune: While most young boys are busy playing with toy trucks, action figures and jumping in mud puddles, five-year-old Paulie Smith had to take time out from all of that exhaustive fun to write a serious letter — to the Internal Revenue Service.

Apparently, Paulie is required to file a tax return for whatever reason. When the IRS had questions about several items on his last return, his mother, Susan, naturally responded with the appropriate information. But that wasn’t good enough.

Paulie received official communication from the IRS saying that Susan F. Smith wasn’t authorized to respond on his behalf, so Susan decided to have Paulie write his own response, hoping it would reach someone with a shred of common sense and logic on the other side.screenshot.1

“February 8, 2014 — Dear Tax Man, I got your letter. I am now 6 years old. It is ok if you talk to my mommy, Susan F. Smith about my tax papers until I’m 18. Paulie Smith,” the letter, written in green crayon letter said.

Obviously, Paulie’s parents were confused as to why the IRS insisted on speaking to the boy, who was just a toddler not long before, given the fact that they had his social security number and knew he was only five. (H/T Young Conservatives)

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