PHOTO: Liberal Campus Turns on Obama… Displays “Art” That Completely Humiliates Barack


From Conservative Tribune: In the early 2000s, Americans could not go one day without being bombarded by jokes or artwork that criticized the Bush Administration for everything from its foreign policy to President Bush’s ears and mannerisms.

That steady stream of artistic criticism has mysteriously died down since the election of Barack Obama.

In response to this left’s hold on political art, Patrick Waters, a Boulder, Colo., photographer, has created a series of photographs in protest.

The real kicker: the art was displayed at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Infamous for having only one conservative professor, the university has long been a friend to any liberal passing through town.

Waters’ images were displayed last March at a gallery on the university’s campus. He was concerned he would be criticized for his views or that his photos would be vandalized, but thankfully, the photos were displayed without incident.

Though striking, photos like these demonstrate the current administration’s power over media. Too often news goes unreported because of the damage it may do to the left.

Waters utilized surrealist imagery with the political satire method of H.L. Mencken. For Waters, this style strips away the “pomp and circumstance” of Washington politics and demonstrates what Waters feels is the true character of our political leaders (H/T Progressives Today).

While the images are striking and provocative, they prove a point that much good art has made in the past: It bluntly and boldly tells the truth the artist wants to convey. It pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and forces the viewer to think.

And Patrick Waters is doing just that.

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