PHOTO: Look What Trump Did With His Plane 1 Day After Getting Nomination

It’s done, Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee and along side him he has Mike Pence, his running mate. Now that the important stuff has been squared away, it’s time for a new look! So that’s just what he did.

On a typical Trump day, you will find him flying from city to city on his “Trump” plane. A red, white and blue plane with the word “Trump” written in HUGE letters on the side.

Just like this…

Now that Pence is going to be representing and campaigning all over the states, guess what Trump got him? It’s actually pretty incredible. Our Republican Nominee figured it would be good for Pence to fly in a plane that said more than just “Trump” so he got him one…check it out:


Although it has not been made clear if Trump will be replacing his own plane with this one, or if he had it made specifically for Pence alone…but, does it matter?

Interestingly enough, the new plane has a lot of similarities with ‘Air Force One’.

Here’s a picture taken side by side for better comparison:


When it comes to Trump, there is no doubting that he knows how to get things done in style and with a huge deliver! This is why you can never predict what he’ll do next.

This bold statement may seem like nothing at first, but it has the potential to create hope. Americans need to be fired up and morale built going into the voting booth in November. The dedication and investment Trump is putting into his run for President is a sure sign he does not plan to back down. The design of his new jet, is patriotic, and needs to be seen in the sky.

Also…it’s going to PISS off liberals.


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