PHOTO: This Border Sign “Welcoming” Muslims to the US Has a Message They Won’t Like

Sign Warning of Illegal Immigrants Crossing Road

This sign is not an actual posted sign, but it is very truthful of the times that we face. 

President Barack Obama may be enforcing an essentially open borders policy, but a sign purported to be erected near a U.S. border crossing is sure to get liberals and Muslims alike in a twist.

Many hard-core believers of Islam such as the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq follow a very strict adherence to the Shariah law, but many Shariah law practices no longer occur in modern civilized society. Hence the sign.

It reads: “U.S. Border. You are entering a sharia-free zone. Please set your watches forward 1,400 years.”  (H/TViral Buzz)

shariah free

Shariah law is a Muslim code of conduct spelled out under the Quran and other Islamic holy writings.

Under it, non-Muslims and women may be sold, raped, beaten, stoned to death and enslaved for crimes such as theft, adultery or apostasy.

For example, in regions controlled by strict Islamists, one sentence for various crimes is to have the hand and opposite foot chopped off by a blade — this is considered “cruel and unusual” in virtually any Western nation.

It was for this reason that U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle often referred to radical Islamic militants as “savages.”

Many states have passed or are considering legislation to prevent Shariah law from being used as a guide or defense in state and federal court proceedings within their borders. Many feel that if allowed in American courts that it would soon trump American common law.

As opposed to the Bible, which teaches that all earthly authority derives from God and is therefore to be obeyed by Christians, Shariah law holds that earthly authority is in direct competition with Allah and is therefore to be resisted.

The fact that Islam has its own “laws” makes it almost impossible for radical Muslims who insist on its enforcement to truly assimilate into American society peacefully — and this sign makes it clear which code of conduct is preferred in the United States.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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