PHOTOS: Here Are All the Presidents in Uniform… Take a Look at Obama


From The Conservative Tribune: Our nation’s presidents come from a wide variety of backgrounds and political leanings. Many of them have worn our nation’s military uniform with pride and honor. Until we get to Obama (and Clinton).

It’s very fitting that a President who has done more damage to our military than any other President in our nation’s history isn’t in anything close to an American military uniform.

It’s important to note that this is a bipartisan pic. Even President Carter, who isn’t exactly popular with conservatives, is depicted wearing a naval uniform (H/T The Revolution).


Each of these Presidents put on that uniform knowing that they might have to make the ultimate sacrifice. What has Obama ever had to sacrifice?

Some of these leaders, like President George H. W. Bush and President Kennedy, had very close encounters with death on the battlefield. Others, like President George W. Bush, never saw combat, but they were prepared to serve.

What has Obama done with the military? He vowed to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State group, but all he seems to have done recently is degrade our military.

He doesn’t understand what means to put on a uniform and vow to defend this great nation at all costs, even if that cost is your life. All he understands is calling people racist and insulting the military.

You don’t have to have a military background to be president, but you do have to have a deep respect for the military. We can’t afford to keep electing officials who weaken us militarily.

The results of that path are unthinkable.

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