PHOTOS: It’s Impossible to Say Obama Loves America After Seeing These 7 Pictures


Quick question for those of you in a relationship: when you first told your significant other you loved them, what did it sound like? “I love you, dear. And I want to fundamentally transform you”?

Probably not. Which is why many Americans believe Obama doesn’t love America. After all, this is a man who said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” a country he supposedly loves.

So when Rudy Giuliani said just that, his comments resonated with a great number of Americans who believe the man who runs the country sees it different than they do. And while the president and his surrogates have vigorously defended his patriotism, these images portray a starkly different picture.


When it comes to the flag, it’s easy to see that Obama doesn’t see fit to show proper flag etiquette, even as the head of the country which that flag represents. When Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton are out-patriotisming you, you know you’re doing something seriously wrong.

Of course, the flag isn’t the only institution the president consistently disrespects. When he can be bothered to give a salute at all to the men and women who protect this country, he manages to do it with a latte in his hand.



Keep in mind these are the men and women who go to fight and die for his policies — especially his failed policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If he truly loved America, he’d salute and do so properly. It’s quite literally the least he could do.


The United States was the first nation to constitutionally enshrine the values of freedom of speech and religion into its law. So when the leaders of the world responded to the Charlie Hebdo attacks by marching in Paris, you would think a president who loved America would be there.

Obama, unfortunately, didn’t have time. He did, however, have the time to welcome the San Antonio Spurs to the White House that Monday.

Debt and Interest

Do you bankrupt the ones you love? Perhaps if you’re a cast member of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” yes. However, if you’re president of the United States, the fact that you’re fleecing its citizens for trillions in unfunded schemes like Obamacare and amnesty is strong evidence that you don’t love America.

Of course, when he was running for president, Obama called Bush’s comparatively limited federal debt “unpatriotic.” My, how things change.

1112-obamabow screen-shot-2012-09-18-at-11-17-12-am

And while Obama refuses to salute the men and women in uniform, he’s more than willing to bow down to brutal autocrats and minor royalty, like you see here (H/T Steven Crowder).

That’s King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, whose brutal Shariah regime continues after his death. Above is Japanese Emperor Akihito, a man who occupies a position that only exists by the generosity of U.S. occupation forces, who allowed Japan to keep the monarchy after World War II.

If you love America so much, why bow down to foreign powers?

Does Obama love America? I cannot look inside a man’s heart and answer that question with any certainty.

However, these seven pictures provide pretty damning evidence. You make the call.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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