Photos of President Trump Were Just Posted And Instantly Everyone Noticed One Shocking Detail

President Trump went out of his way on the campaign trail to shine a spotlight on veterans issues. Whether it was advocating for police officers, firefighters, or military personnel he never ceased to bring attention to those who sacrifice it all to protect everyone else. Many people appreciate this as it is a welcome difference to that of the Obama administration.

Look at some of the pictures from his meetings. He has only been in office for a little over forty days and he has already managed to meet with all of these people showing us exactly where his priorities lie.

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While President Obama was in office he met with the parents of slain African American young men who had been killed by police officers. He met with social justice and community organizing individuals and organizations. While he did eventually have meetings with some military organizations he waited an extraordinarily long time to do so.

He never ultimately met with law enforcement organizations. He, like Trump, never served in the military. But unlike his predecessor he has respect for the military and law enforcement and doesn’t undermine them on a national scale at every chance he gets. Instead he treats them with the honor and respect they deserve. That is what makes him a great President.

Despite being so called advocates for the working middle class Democrats have not given veterans issues the care and consideration they deserve. And yet they wonder why they lost the election. These are people who sacrifice everything for peanuts on the dollar yet they never speak out about it. Instead they discuss women being paid 79 cents to the dollar.

Trump knows where our priorities should lie. If we spend billions on war we can at least invest the time to give back to those who sacrifice so the majority of us don’t have to.

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