Pic Of What Trump Wrote On Girl’s Easter Card Gets Out And Everyone Immediately Notices One BIG Detail

President Lyndon B. Johnson is credited with saying:

“Being President is like being a jackass in a hailstorm; there’s nothing to do but to stand there and take it.”

It’s somewhat of a never-ending, thankless job in many ways. We’re not talking about a 9-5 situation here, this is the free world he’s running, he works from the moment his eyes pop open till he falls asleep at night. The President has to be on duty as long as the sun is shining somewhere. It’s the same way with our United States Military and a good Commander in Chief knows that you lead by example.

That’s one reason that the traditional “fun” events can be such a great reprieve for a President. The White House Easter Egg Roll is one such event. There are tickets given out to local schools, White House employees, and military personnel to come to the fun filled afternoon on the White House lawn.

The President, First Lady, and son Barron were out to join in on some of the fun events, and the President was signing cards. What he wrote on one of those cards shows what he truly cares about.

Via Newsmax:

“President Donald Trump wrote a simple and poignant Easter message to an anonymous soldier Monday, praising the military member’s bravery and lauding the ‘great job’ being done.

The message went out during Monday’s Annual White House Easter Egg Roll – the first for Trump – as the president, first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron sat a picnic table with children to color cards to be sent to U.S. service members.

Grabbing a big Crayola marker from a box on the table, the president began to write, then asking the children to see what he had written, and turning the card around for the audience.

‘Dear Brave Soldier,’ the president’s message read. ‘Thank you for your service. Great Job! Donald Trump.'”

United States President Donald Trump makes cards for members of the military Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Washington DC, USA – 17 Apr 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Newsmax wasn’t the only site to pick up this story. They made such an excellent point about how this President has not only put some dignity back into being in the military, but he’s also putting them in action, which is something that he can’t take lightly.

Via Red State:

“The note also included the bunny rabbit and flowers that were on the paper.

Trump’s note comes just weeks after he authorized the military to use the ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ on ISIS and ordered tomahawk missile strikes against the Assad regime in Syria after it was revealed that he used chemical weapons on his own people.

These personal notes are very meaningful in that many active duty soldiers are not able to be home with their families on Easter, and receiving personal letters from home — including one from the president — serves as an important reminder that we all appreciate their sacrifices.”

This may not seem like a lot to those of us not serving our country and putting our lives on the line every time duty calls. But after 8 years of shame and cowardice infesting the oval office and spilling out into every branch of the military, a firm hand and grateful spirit is just what the doctor (and American people) ordered. It’s about time we give those risking their lives for us a leader that they can look up to.

It’s long been said, and proven, that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and the military was so very much at odds with the former administration. Many American’s weren’t at all sure that he wasn’t just a mole for some other country looking to destroy us from the inside out. At the very best he was a brainwashed puppet who’s end result would have been destruction just the same if he’d been in power much longer.

Thankfully, that time is past, and America rallied around someone who knows what it’s like to have discipline, success and stand up for what is right. It’s amazing what a little bit of backbone will do for the morale of those in your command. We elected him to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and he’s doing just that. He’s asking them to put themselves in harm’s way and he wants them to know that he’s proud of the elite fighting force that they are and thankful for the orders they take.

That’s what makes a great President. Not the color of his skin, and certainly not community organizing.

(Source: Newsmax)

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