Jocelyn Tovar, who posted the original photo after receiving a tip from a voter, said she has met with election officials who say the image was manipulated.


Tovar also added that the original voter denies the claim:

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An elections administrator in Bexar County, Texas, says her office is investigating a voting machine that appeared to leave off Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s name.

“We’ve had complaints that we don’t understand,” Jacque Callanen told TheBlaze. “I’m sending someone out to bring that booth into us.”

An image of the voting booth was posted on social media by Jocelyn Tovar, a reporter for WOAI/KABB, according to her Twitter account.

Abbott, Texas’ attorney general, is running against state Sen. Wendy Davis (D).


Though Abbott’s name seemingly isn’t listed, ‘avid Dewhurst’ (sic) is. David Dewhurst, Texas’ lieutenant governor, is not a candidate for governor.

The image received extensive coverage on social media, with websites like TwitchyThe Right Scoop and Red State quickly picking it up.

Red State’s Moe Lane commented: “And yes, Bexar County is Democrat country. So: either fraud, or screaming incompetence. Take your pick…”

Courtesy of The Blaze

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