PIGS: After CA Terrorist Attack..Gift Placed At Mosque Leaves Muslims “HUMILIATED”


From Mad World:

The most recent terrorist attack in California has quite a few people on edge and many Americans finally waking up to the threat that Islam poses on society. As it turns out, the killings prompted quite the unusual response, as a gift was placed at a mosque that left Muslims, in their own words, “humiliated.”

The incident took place at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after surveillance cameras caught a red pickup truck driving by a mosque before taking another sweep through and hurling something out the window. As morning came around, that “something” was found by morning prayer attendees when they stumbled across a pig’s head on the front steps.


Al-Aqsa Islamic Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As you more than likely know, “Pork is considered non-halal, or food that is not religiously sanctioned by Islamic law,” as The Washington Post reports.

“It’s just a pig’s head — that’s not a big deal; but it does send a message,” said the mosque’s spokesman and Arab American Development Corporation Director Marwan Kreidie. “I think people are worried that if they do a pig’s head, they could do something more violent in the future.”

That’s funny and more than just a bit ironic – Muslims are worried that the American people might do something violent. Read More

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